Career Profile

Elias Hohl is a technical expert focusing on Physics, Cybersecurity and Data Science. He is one of the most successful Austrian Physics Olympiad participants of all time, having won a total of seven international Gold and Silver medals at International Physics Olympiad, European Physics Olympiad and European Union Science Olympiad in addition to having won the Austrian Physics Olympiad final three times. By now, he is an Austrian national trainer at both IPhO and EOES.

He is also CEO and Co-Founder of the company CryptoSearchTools with the vision to develop a toolkit to predict the success / ROI of early-stage tokenized startups using artificial intelligence.

Elias Hohl has been in touch with cybersecurity since he was 14 years old, is the discoverer of multiple vulnerabilities which have been assigned a CVE (among them a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in an NVIDIA product) and worked in the Austrian Armed Forces cybersecurity department.


Chief Executive Officer

Dec 2022 - Present

Austrian National Trainer

Jun 2022 - Present
International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)

Austrian National Trainer for Physics

Feb 2020 - Present
European Olympiad of Experimental Science (EOES)


Aug 2022 - Present
Blocksoft Consulting

Venture Partner

Jan 2022 - Present
Innmind Capital


May 2021 - Apr 2022

Cyber Soldier

Mar 2022 - Jul 2022
Austrian Armed Forces / MilCyZ


Oct 2019 - Nov 2019


Recruit of the Year (Nomination)

Nov 2022
Austrian Armed Forces

Dr. Hans Riegel Award

Sep 2021
Dr. Hans Riegel Awards


Aug 2021
Austrian Physical Society


Jul 2021
AVL List GmbH

IPhO 2021 - Gold medal

Jul 2021
International Physics Olympiad 2021, Lithuania / online

EuPhO 2021 - Gold medal

Jun 2021
European Physics Olympiad 2021, online

ÖPhO 2021 - 1st rank

Jun 2021
Austrian Physics Olympiad 2021

EuPhO 2020 - Silver medal

Jul 2020
European Physics Olympiad 2020, online

IPhO 2019 - Silver medal

Jul 2019
International Physics Olympiad 2019, Tel Aviv, Israel

ÖPhO 2019 - 1st rank

Jun 2019
Austrian Physics Olympiad 2019

EUSO 2019 - Gold medal

May 2019
European Union Science Olympiad 2018, Almada, Portugal

IPhO 2018 - Silver medal

Jul 2018
International Physics Olympiad 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

ÖPhO 2018 - 1st rank

Jun 2018
Austrian Physics Olympiad 2018

EUSO 2018 - Silver medal

May 2018
European Union Science Olympiad 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Web Application Security

Jun 2022
Clarified Security OÜ


Pie Chart OCR - A python library to extract data from pie charts




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